Sparkling Forest / 3-Lotus, by ISAAK HYPNOTIZER


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An exclusive fifth track is offered as a BONUS with this new opus, as well as with the Trilogy Special Edition Album ! Third and ultimate part of « Sparkling Forest », the trilogy by ISAAK HYPNOTIZER, “3-Lotus” is the outcome of an enlightening voyage through the secrets of Isaak’s magical psy-vegetal world. Floating on the lake of the lotus, HYPNOTIZER surfs Psy-ambient, Chill-Ethnic, and Dub waves… 4 beautiful tracks, including 2 titles by Organic Dreamers (Hypnotizer vs Ashania)… Have a psychedelic dreamy voyage… Released in the “Sparkling Forest” trilogy : - 1-Digitalis - 2-Mandragora - 3-Lotus

- Sparkling Forest - The Trilogy (Special Edition)

Sparkling Forest / 2-Mandragora, by ISAAK HYPNOTIZER

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